Thermal Storage
ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.9

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St. Louis Meeting, June 2016

At the St. Louis meeting, TC 6.9 is co-sponsoring the following technical session:
Tuesday, June 28, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM SEMINAR (INTERMEDIATE)
Heat and Cooling with Woody Biomass for Sustainable and Resilient Buildings and Communities
Track: Renewable Energy Systems and Net Zero Buildings, Sponsor: 09.08 Large Building Air-Conditioning Applications,  Co-Sponsor: 6.09 8.03 and 6.02
Chair: Frank Mills, Member, Low Carbon Design Consultants, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Combining a high capacity factor renewable heat source, thermal storage and absorption cooling expands Near-Net-Zero building and district energy opportunities. Woody biomass offers solar-derived heat on demand; implemented together, these three technologies assure comfort, with savings in power consumption, cost and emissions. Engineers add resilience potential by adapting thermal systems to support safe occupancy during and after disruptive events, like wide-area weather caused grid failure and disrupted delivery of petroleum based fuels for emergency generators and HVAC. Functional buildings data illustrates qualitative and economic value opportunities for efficient, low impact daily operation and resilience in the face of adversity.
1. Role of Thermal Storage in Solving Emissions and Building Overheat Problems with WoodFired HVAC Khaled A Yousef, P.E., Member, Pyramid Energy Engineering Services, Albany, NY
2. Renewable Heat On-Demand: A Clean Source That's Too Valuable to Waste John Karakash, Member, Resource Professionals Group, Harford, PA
3. The Proof Is in the Performance: Experiences and Data from Real-World Facilities Jürgen Scharfe, P.E., Member, JS Energie & Beratung GmbH, Erding, Germany

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